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Body Hardware and Fastener Technical Information

Body Hardware and Fastener terminology can be confusing. We’ve eliminated the confusion with our Body Hardware Definitions and Usage information, Fastener Definition pages and a visual example of common body hardware locations on a vehicle. Full of useful explanations and illustrations this information is sure to provide you with the understanding you need when it comes to Body Hardware and Fasteners.

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Body Hardware Definitions and Usage


Body Def and Use 2016

Fastener Definitions


Fast Def 2016



Body Hardware Locations on Vehicle


Where parts are used 2018


Fastener Terminology including Screw Types & Sizing Guide

To the right is a downloadable guide with screw types, sizes and

a sizing guide, as well as, fastener terminology specifically for bolts

and screws. There is also information about plating and

finishing types and descriptions. The sizes and sizing guide

are actual size when printed.        

Download Guide


screw types, sizes and fastener terminology-1