An easy-to-use, web based system designed to assist body shops and dealerships in recovering the cost of body repair clips and fasteners used in daily collision repairs.

FasTrack is the ONLY supplemental invoicing system on the market using the OEM pricing structure that is widely accepted and requested by insurance companies across the country.

The system runs entirely through your internet browser. All data resides on our secured internet server and is always up to date with the latest parts and information.

A distributor can add their own non-Auveco parts into their Free Distributor Account allowing shops to bill those items as well as Auveco items. The body shops can also add an unlimited number of “Shop Items” into the system, look up the OEM part, enter the OEM part number on the invoice, enter a pre-loaded kit, track inventory, use their phone as a bar code scanner and much more.

Our newest feature is our integration with CCC® Estimating. CCC ONE is the largest supplier of a body shop estimating system in the US. We wanted to incorporate their system with ours to create the best FasTrack.

Give FasTrack a try today! Follow the FasTrack link over to our system and sign up for a FREE 30-day trial.

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If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email fastrack.support@auveco.com or by phone 1-800-354-9816