AuvecoPak Retail Program

The Body Hardware & Fastener Retail Package Program for the "PBE" Market

The AuvecoPak merchandisers (AP448S and AP448L) provide 448 of the fastest moving, most popular automotive body hardware and specialty fasteners in a one-price package all on one 7-panel merchandiser. Each panel contains 32 part numbers per side. The AP448S (Starter Merchandiser) consists of one package each of the 448 part numbers. The AP448L (Large Assortment) includes two packages each of the 224 most popular items and one package each of the other 224 part numbers for a total of 672 packages.

With just a glance, two attractive header signs identify the AP448 as an Auveco merchandiser, the name synonymous with automotive body hardware and specialty fasteners. An eye-catching color scheme and graphics on the front facing cards not only make the merchandiser visually appealing but at a glance they portray the contents of the merchandiser as well.

Initial set-up is as easy as 1-2-3 since the panels come “pre-dressed” with the AuvecoPaks already in place. Simply position the top and bottom brackets on a gondola or pegboard wall. Insert the panels into the brackets and you’re ready for business.

An individual panel measures 6-1/2” (wide) x 17-1/2” (front to back) x 44-1/2” (high) – maximum coverage in minimum space. AuvecoPak 6-panel merchandisers (AP384S and AP384L) fit on a gondola with 48” x 48” of pegboard or on any pegboard wall.

The attractive green AuvecoPak packages feature eye-appealing, contemporary graphics with all the necessary application and descriptive information in trilingual verbiage (English, Spanish and French-Canadian). The AuvecoPak part numbers are the same as the standard Auveco part numbers with an “AP” prefix. Thus AP11146 is the AuvecoPak version of 11146.

We’ve made re-ordering a snap by putting the AuvecoPak part number and a UPC-A bar code on the panel back-up boards beneath each hook. Then restocking the merchandiser is also quick and easy since the AuvecoPak packages contain locator codes (see typical package on right) that identify their specific location on the panels.

An AuvecoPak “Product Identification Guide” is provided with each merchandiser along with a chain for attaching the Guide to the merchandiser. The Guide features actual size photos of all the parts along with complete descriptions, size dimensions and application information as well as every item’s location (panel, row and position) on the merchandiser. The layout of the Guide follows the sequence of the items on the panels to ensure that the customer can find the part that he is looking for without troubling a counter person.

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